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Oil Spill Dispersant

Description : Greenbreak SD-Series is surfactant specially formulated to handle oil spills on the surface of the water by dispersion and is able to maintain oil emulsions in water. This product is safe for the user and the environment, and is very effective for various types of oil spills.
Benefit : · Economic and easy to use

· Biodegradable and non toxic

· Fast reaction

· Has stables dispersion properties

Packaging : · Pail @ 25 Liter

· Drum @ 200 Liter

· IBC Tank @ 1000 Liter

Usage Advice : Greenbreak SD-Series can be used directly or can be diluted with water. The recommended concentration is 1-10%, depending on the type of oil to be treated. 1 liter of solution can be used for 15-20 m2 of oil. Can be applied with spray, then do stirring and for cases of thick oil spills repeat the injection process until the oil is completely dispersed.

For complete data about product and recommended equipment, you can consult to Technical Support PT GREEN CHEMICALS INDONESIA

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