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Drilling Chemicals

  • WELLNER LQ-Series is a special polymer as a Base Mud and drill hole stabilizer to prevent shale & reactive clay that is easy to expand and the formation collapse. Other uses are to increase lubrication, fluid viscosity, and the effectiveness of fluid injection to lift cutting during drilling. (readmore)


  • WELLKLEEN NI-Series is a mixture of biodegradable surfactants specially formulated as foamer which serves to lift cutting in the drilling process at the mining, oil and gas industries. (readmore)


  • WELLSEAL AN-Series  is a high molecular weight polymer specifically designed to improve core recovery (recovery of drill holes), especially sandy and brittle reformed. By forming a thin layer on the wall of the well that functions to prevent the collapse of the formation layer which can cause loss circulation and Stuck pipe, and acts as an additive that can increase fluid viscosity. (readmore)


  • GREENDRILL LC-Series is a special formulation of mineral fiber as loss-circulation material that has solubility in weak acids for the purpose of the drilling process in the mining and oil and gas industries. (readmore)


  • GREENPLUG HP-Series is a hydrophilic polymer in the form of granules that absorbs up to 500 times the volume of water from the beginning, this material serves to seal the loss circulation zone and can also be used to reduce vibration in the drilling holes. (readmore)