Wellner LQ-Series

Drilling Fluid Additive

A special polymer product as a Base Mud & borehole stabilizer to prevent reactive shale & clay that easily expand and collapse of the formation during the drilling process. Another use is to enhance lubrication, fluid viscosity, and increase the effectiveness of fluid injection to lift cuttings during the drilling process.

Other advantages include an efficient base mud & viscosifier as a Shale & clay stabilizer, effective in enhancing rheological properties, reducing rotational force and pump pressure, reducing shale’s tendency to absorb water, reducing erosion on weak structures, reducing water loss in the borehole, and can increase foamer density (if mixed with Wellkleen NI-Series product).

Available in Pail Pull Up @20 Liter, Pail @25 Liter, Drum @ 200 Liter, and IBC Tank @ 1000 Liter packaging.

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