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GreenWash SB Series

Solvent Based Degreaser

Description : GREENWASH SB-Series is specialty solvent degreaser which is very effective for engine spare part. The product Produk suitable for cleaning oil, wax, grease, varnish, and the dirt settle in component or engine parts, heavy equipment and etc. that cannot contact with water.
Benefit : ·      Economic and easy to use

·      Safe for all metals type

·      Have  clean power is stronger than others solvent

·      High flash point ( 40- 600C )

·      Does not contain chlorine

·      Easy to dry

Packaging : ·      Pail @ 25 Liter

·      Drum @ 200 Liter

Usage Advice : Can be applied with dipped, wiped, and brushed the spare parts (if necessary). It is advisable to soak the spare parts for 5-10 minutes for a very thick dirt, than brush the dirty parts, and let it dry.

For complete data about product and recommended equipment, you can consult to Technical Support PT GREEN CHEMICALS INDONESIA

Others : Product should has minimal impact on environment if handled and used appropriately according recommendations. Contact the nearest Greenchem representative to get the best recommendation. If you need more detailed information regarding consultation, SDS, On-site Support, complaints and feedback, please contact: marketing@greenchem.co.id