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GreenHand HC Series

Waterless Hand Cleaner

Description : GREENHAND HC-Series  is hand cleaner with specialty formula that contain moisturizer and scrub.  Can be applied without rinse in difficult water condition. Nontoxic properties so it is safe and environmental friendly. This product effective for cleaning fat stains, oil, ink, paint, and grease from your hand.
Benefit : ·      Economic and easy to use

·      Have specialty surfactant with strong solubility

·      Contain smooth scrub

·      Does not need rinse with water, quite clean with duster when difficult water condition.

Packaging : ·      Hand pump plastic jerry can @ 5 Liter

·      Pail @ 20 Liter

Usage Advice : Pour GREENHAND HC-Series into your palm. Rub your hands to remove dirt. Rinse with clean water to remove the remaining dirt. If there is no water, just clean your hands with a cloth or tissue.

For complete data about product and recommended equipment, you can consult to Technical Support PT GREEN CHEMICALS INDONESIA

Others : Product should has minimal impact on environment if handled and used appropriately according recommendations. Contact the nearest Greenchem representative to get the best recommendation. If you need more detailed information regarding consultation, SDS, On-site Support, complaints and feedback, please contact: marketing@greenchem.co.id