Greenwash WBF-90

Description : GREENWASH WBF-90 is a multifunctional degreaser cleaner with the latest technology that has an optimum clean power and has a “Fast Break” property. specially formulated to minimize the environmental impact. This product serves to clean and remove oil dirt, grease, oil etc from workshop floor, truck, machine and other heavy equipment.


  • Biodegradable, safe and easy to use
  • Has the nature of “fast break”
  • It contains no caostic and phosphorus
  • Medium foaming
  • Has a soft and fragrant smell
  • Do not damage rubber and plastic material

Packaging :

  • Pail @ 25 Liter
  • Drum @ 200 Liter
  • IBC Tank @ 1000 Liter

Other : The product should have minimal impact on the environment if handled and used appropriately as recommended. Several factors determine the level of concentration / dose of the most appropriate use of the product. Contact your nearest Greenchem representative for the best recommendations. If you need more detailed information regarding consultation, SDS, On-site Support, or any complaints and feedback, please contact :

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