Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer

Water Treatment || Maintenance || Heavy Equipment Care

  Produce specialty chemicals

     according to customer needs


               Design and modification to create

the better solution for customers.


                                                                              Help directly to understand and
                                                                                   solve customer problems.

Provide consistent and continuous quality assurance.

Produce Eco-products that are
environmentally & economically friendly.

                                   Customer needs and interests

                                            are the top priority.

                                Work to provide the best

                                                                      Regards to positive values.

Produce brilliant ideas and works for future improvement.

                                Prioritizing team work & collaboration

                                                     to provide the best results for all parties.

                              Safety and Health

                                                are priorities in all actions.

Various parties’ satisfaction

is the key to a better future.

                              Social responsibility

                                                                                            is a real benefit of our presence.

About Us

PT. Green Chemicals Indonesia aims to be a growing company in harmony with nature while gaining trust and respect. We fulfill our responsibilities to nature and try to address environmental pollution by producing biodegradable and non-toxic products. Through working with various Stakeholders, we routinely review all raw materials and replace them with minimal impact on the environment.

Head Office

Centre Point, Bukit Golf Blok AA 04 No. 06-08,
Gunung Putri Bogor,
Jawa Barat 84108 – Indonesia
Ph. (+62)21 84310720/(+62)21 84310724
Email: info@greenchem.co.id

Jl Anggrek Merah 3 No. 55 kelurahan Air Putih, Samarinda Ulu KalTim

Gunung Putri, Bogor – Indonesia