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GreenScale SR Series

Scale Remover Compound

Description : GREENSCALE SR-Series is scale remover with specialty formula. This product contain corrosion inhibitor to protect surface of metals.
Benefit : ·      Economic and easy to use

·      Have corrosion inhibitor

·      Effective to remove carbonate scale

·      Have strong power

·      Soft smell

Packaging : ·      Pail @ 25 Liter

·      Drum @ 200 Liter

·      IBC tank @ 1000 Liter

Usage Advice : Ready to used or diluted with water until the concentration 5-10 %, based on the thickness of scale. It is recommended to use PVC gloves and respirator. Can be applied by immersion and sprayed, than do repeated water flashing to clear up acidic properties.

For complete data about product and recommended equipment, you can consult to Technical Support PT GREEN CHEMICALS INDONESIA

Others    : Product should has minimal impact on environment if handled and used appropriately according recommendations. Contact the nearest Greenchem representative to get the best recommendation. If you need more detailed information regarding consultation, SDS, On-site Support, complaints and feedback, please contact: marketing@greenchem.co.id